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Engineering Department. ( EN ) We are manufacturer and service site of engineering. We have both prompt team and machines for Metal Work production and service. We pay more attention to concept of designing, customer 's needs, and customer 's critical problems that we will help to solve them. Engineering is the door to receive, connect and transfer the technology from foreign to Thailand.

Our service are as follows :

3.1 MEWCON Conveyor is ready-made conveyor systems, that used in light to heavy duties such as Type BC111-BC115 , incline and decline jobs such as Type BC121-BC124, curve conveyor, the angle of 90 and 180 degree such as Type BC131-BC135 and trough conveyor both 2 parts and 3 parts such as Type BC141-BC144, including telescopic belt conveyor. Material available in standard , Steel and Stainless Steel.

3.2 General Conveyor is consist of 1) made to order belt conveyor 2) made to order roller conveyor such as FREE ROLLER CONVEYOR,DRIVE ROLLER CONVEYOR,WHEEL ROLLER CONVEYOR etc. 3)Other Conveyor made to customer 's needs.

3.3 General Machinery such as Tablelift, Trolley, Cooling Tunnel etc.

3.4 To designed and made to engineering order.

3.5 After-sale service are include Maintenance, Repairing, Overhaul and Modifying.

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