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Industrial Belts Department ( IB ). We are manufacturer and representative of Industrial Belt of the Netherland, German, England, U.S.A.,France,Denmark and Japan. We have full teams and full machines for "Production and Service". Moreover, we also have got reliability and continually contacted with our customer such as Thai Bridgestone,Nestle,C.P.Group,MineBea Group,Pioneer,Diamond Roofing Tiles, Colgate-Palm Olive,Hitachi Consumer Product,Gardinear Food, etc. , which our products are consist of :       

1.1 Conveyor Belt ( CB ) is conveyor and process belting for food and pharmaceutical and all general conveying and processing applications from light duties to heavy duties. There are multiply fabrics and coated with PVC, PU, PE, Silicone and Rubber etc.The general applications of these type are available good resistance to water,oils,fats,chemicals and solvents,high resistance to flex fatigue,high resistance to impact, excellent wear resistance & durability and easy to clean surfaces and another specifications.
1.2 Transmission Belt ( TB ) is transmission, including Flat TB, Sandwich TB, V-Belt, Variable Speed Belt, Timing Belt, and PU Timing Belt. Distinguished features are excelllent strength/weight ratio, resistant to edge wear & fraying, high friction coefficient for positive drive etc.
1.3 Elevator Belt ( EB ) is still the most economical solution for vertical conveying of large tonnage of bulk materials. There are types of Food Quality Elevator Belt, Non-Fat Quality Elevator Belt, Oil and Fat Resistant Elevator Belt, Hot Oil Elelvator Belt and High Heat Elevator Belt. Especcially there are Tensile Strength from EP400 N/mm. - EP1000 N/mm., Thickness from 5-10 mm.for these fields of application such as flour, rice, dried milk products, sugar, salt, detergents, chalk, minerals etc.
1.4 Modular Plastic Belt ( MPB ) is for light to transport heavy duty requiring steady and smooth movement. Modular partition of 25mm. and 50mm. Available in width from 50-4000 mm. for all conceivable needs. The MPB are of course FDA approved with regard to all materials for foodstuff application. Available in three different plastics offering three different temperature ranges ; Polyethylene : -73 to +66 Degree, Polyacetal : -43 to +95 Degree, Polypropylenen : +5 to +105 Degree. Application of Cleaning Industries as well as fruits. Vegetable, food etc., Cooling Industries, Frozen Industries etc.
1.5 Steel Mesh Belt ( SMB ) is efficient and flexible production with points, hump or troughs. There always use in cooked industry, cleaning vegetable etc. It is free permeability for gas,liquid, and solid. It can conveyor of large products across inclines and declines.
1.6 Plastic Mesh Belt ( PMB ) is used in industry of sediment filter, waste water treatment or fats filter. It is resistant temperature not more 150C.
1.7 Heat Resistance Belt ( HRB ) 's distinguishments are PTFE could superior to those of any other high temperature material. Belts are very high level of controlled air flow and high rate of drying. The woven reinforcement results in an elongation of approximately 1% under normal mechanical loading. Beltsmay be used at continually temperature up to degree of 550F. PTFE surfaces are unaffected by most chemicals and solvents.
1.8 Solid Plastic Belt ( SPB ) is use in light duties, no fabric, excellent strength, especcially no fiber that can make healthy problem. ( No fray. ) There are Flat Conveyor Belt , V-Belt, and Round Belt. It is proper to use in canning industries, food industries etc.
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